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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

untitled motivation...(^_^)

people just can't stop talking...they just talk everything that they like,and even sometimes don't care about others' feeling..there are many times i feel so sad with what they're saying even if they're just kidding. i'm a sensitive person,can't they see that?? maybe my face won't show my real feelings,but deep inside their words pains me a lot...i tried to keep myself strong,but it wasn't enough..can't understand what's wrong with myself...can't i be a little bit stronger, physically and mentally to face all the obstacle in life?? girl,life nowadays is just soo bad..hard to survive if u keep being soft and slow...there's competition everywhere..u need to stand out if u want everybody to notice u..there should be no more shy and low-profile inside yourself if u want to success in life...boy and girl, man and woman, have no more boundaries..all is just the same nowadays,and the only thing that makes they differ from others is the effort given in order to achieve their goals. so what are u waiting for,girl...u should take the chance provided,never and ever waste it coz u never know whether it is the last chance or u should take each oppurtunity that come towards u..wake up girl coz final exam is just around the corner~~

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