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Friday, July 30, 2010

~~My Girl~~

watching korean movies title my girl just now do make my tears drop heavily...i'm not talking about the love between the main's between the girl and his father...she's willing to do anything for her beloved father..even being bullied by the gangster,she go through it...she doesn't care what she had to deal, as long she can save her father...what a love...and at the same time,she's being accused by her loved one for being a greedy,hypocrite without he knowing that what she do is for her own father...what a pressure...i'm proud with her..she's so strong to go through it calmly n what makes me more sad is she's hiding her sadness and hurt from everybody..that's hurt,pain and hard to do..i know,coz i've been through that situation..keep all inside the heart really feel like it was all gonna throw out,but u hold it..very hurt...and it takes time to heal and need strong spirit to throw completely all the pain away...

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